I went to The University of Manchester (a lot), and achieved a BSc, MSc and a PhD in Computer Science. I’ve worked for a large bank, a medical imaging startup and a very large publisher as an ops guy and a developer and, somewhere in between, flirted with being a patent attorney for three years or so.

I’ve loved writing code since I made my first program work at 15. (Given that I tried to write my first program aged 11 on a Sinclair Spectrum, I’d say that shows a certain amount of tenacity.) I mostly work in Java and client-side JavaScript these days.

I have to confess that I look at code as a small part of the process of giving people what they need from their devices. As much as I love the code, it’s the people (and their interactions) while we’re deciding what to make and how to make it that I think makes the biggest difference to outcomes.