Agile essentials 3: Feedback

The success of your project relies on you getting feedback on every aspect of your project, as often as you can. In a perfect world you'd be getting qualitative and quantitative feedback, but any honest feedback is better than none. When you get feedback, do something with it. I've been waiting ages for even a … Continue reading Agile essentials 3: Feedback

Agile essentials 1: Agile, but what kind?

Agile essentials 7: Own your own processI'm not a huge fan of orthodoxies and methodologies, but they have their merits. Agile is a mindset. I argue that if you put the mindset first then you are in a better position to judge the performance of a methodology in your team. I go on to define … Continue reading Agile essentials 1: Agile, but what kind?

Devops: multidisciplinary teams, not individuals

Most developers I know want to be more agile, and these days want to be more "devopsy". This will be about what are the more attractive bits of Devops to me and how they relate to a problem I'm having on my current project. My first experience with Devops was to read The Phoenix Project. … Continue reading Devops: multidisciplinary teams, not individuals